A brilliant, but sociopathic scientist


-Possesses advanced technology to rival the Wilhelm Corporation
-After being resurrected, has displayed limited magical abilities
-Creator of the Lazarus Strips


As a scientist willing to take risks and ignore regulations, and one that was good at doing both, the man who would be known as Lazarus was considered a brilliant hire in the Neo-Research Division at the Wilhelm Corporation.

Despite having been apparently killed by unknown assailants, and all official records of his work at the corporation stolen, he re-appeared by way of his own invention, the Lazarus Strips, of which eleven remain in existence. After being reincarnated in the body of a hero attuned to a specific magical artifact, he has shown the ability to use said artifact, thus leading to speculation on what may happen should one of the strips be used to return him to life in an even more powerful hero, or villain.


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