A villaness with intimate knowledge of nanotechnology, and a wide array of Major Super Abiltiies


-Immense knowledge of nanotechnology, especially that studied at The Wilhelm Corporation
-possesses limited ability to deactivate superpowers and equipment based on nanotechnology
-assimilated the powers of several powerful subjects held in The Vault for her own


Born Melissa Richards, the woman that would become Chimaera had always been fascinated by the stories of superheroics, even ones dating back to World War II and the first known recorded instance of truly ‘mega hero’ levels of power in the form of the singular man Content Not Found: paragon_ on the side of the Axis, and the superhero group known as _Content Not Found: the-few on the side of the Allies. While nursing her near-obsession with the capabilities and world-changing power possessed by only those few, she began to wonder at why only a handful of persons had been selected. Like many, as she grew up from childhood, she had to wonder if ‘mutants’, as most of those possessing true super abilities were called, were the next stage in human evolution.

Her path led her to the sciences; biology, chemistry, physics, dabbling in everything, and managing to get a degree or two along the way. Emulating her ‘heroes’, she also studied the martial arts, but had little time for being social. Serious nearly all the time, she had few friends, but did well at her job, where most were as focused as she was. When The Wilhelm Corporation, and its supposed ties to nanotechnology, one of the most likely fields in duplicating or even creating new super abilities, began to recruit she accepted without hesitation. This would ultimately lead to her downfall.

Upon meeting one of the original, albeit accidental test subjects for a practical nanobot application, her mind fragmented. Here was a normal, average person, who now had what she’d wanted her entire life; the ability to control and shape the world, to be loved and adored by the masses. To make a true difference_. Everything he did and said she followed, but when he was attacked and nearly killed by the mysterious assassin known as _Content Not Found: job, what was left of her psyche cracked. Someone else had to step up, someone else had to rise to the task of protecting the city, and the world.

With access to The Vault, and her own knowledge, it was simple enough to create a cocktail of some of the most potent variants of super abilities researched and stored in the underground facility. Combining them together and injecting herself, the unthinkable happened; she survived.

Fighting her way through the group of heroes that had gone to The Vault to stop the attacker at The Wilhelm Corporation headquarters in Downtown Heights, she escaped with no trace…


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